Distinctive Dog is an all natural dog treat bakery located in Seattle, WA. We were established with the philosophy of providing the highest quality, gourmet dog treats available with ingredients dogs love.

We take pride in our products—from wholesome, nutrient rich ingredients to a hand-made production process. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to our dogs and wouldn’t expect you to either. We source our dog treat ingredients from FDA approved U.S. suppliers of human-grade products.

All Distinctive Dog gourmet dog treats are dog friendly with no gluten, wheat, corn, soy or other possibly harmful ingredients. We care about dogs everywhere and even donate 5% of our profits to organizations devoted to the health and happiness of our furry friends.

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Everyone knows that dogsPeanut butter dog treats love peanuts, bananas and coconut. This tasty combination creates a dog treat high in protein and rich in nutrients. Peanut Banana Bread dog treats contain all natural peanut butter, banana chunks and a touch of vanilla you’ll probably want to try yourself. Just save some for the dog.

Ingredients: Brown rice, natural peanut butter, oats, coconut flour, banana, egg white, molasses, flax seed, canola oil, virgin coconut oil, vanilla
Chicken Pot Pie dog treats chicken dog treatshave it all—pure chicken liver, broccoli, parsley and virgin coconut oil. As with all Distinctive Dog treats, they contain no gluten, wheat, corn, soy or artificial ingredients. Your dog will taste the difference and we have yet to find a dog that doesn’t want more of these protein-packed treats.

Ingredients: Brown rice, oats, chicken liver, coconut flour, egg white, canola oil, molasses, virgin coconut oil, broccoli, flax seed, parsley
Aromatic, nutrient-rich sweet sweet potato dog treats potato is a primary ingredient in these flavorful dog treats. With carrot pieces, coconut and a touch of cinnamon, Sweet Potato Carrot Cake dog treats are sure to be a hit. High in vitamins A and C, and natural antioxidants make these dog treats one of our most popular.

Ingredients: Brown rice, sweet potato, oats, coconut flour, carrot, molasses, egg white, canola oil, virgin coconut oil, flax seed, cinnamon, turmeric
Antioxidant rich cranberries, blueberry dog treats blueberries and natural peanut butter provide essential vitamins and flavor that make Pawberry Cobbler dog treats special. We never use wheat, corn, soy or artificial anything in our dog treats—only natural, healthy ingredients including virgin coconut oil.

Ingredients: Brown rice, cranberry, oats, coconut flour, molasses, natural peanut butter, blueberry, egg white, canola oil, virgin coconut oil, flax seed, natural flavor